Do I have to register to post?

Yes. Each User is required to register before they can make any posts or replies, allthough you are welcome to read any of the existing posts.


Some of my information has changed since I first registered, what do I do?

You are welcome and encouraged to update your information at anytime. All you need to do is click the Edit Info button, enter your UserId and Password and then you can updated your email address, homepage or any other part of your information.


Can I use HTML in my posts?

Yes you are welcome to use HTML in your posts, but please make sure you close all of your tags properly. If this is misused the administrator has the authority to remove or edit your post as needed, or they can disable HTML in any particular forum.


How do I put a link to my website in my post?

To put a link in your post you just need to use the HTML tag for the link. So if you wanted to link to you would put <a href="">Here is a link to Usa Today</a>.


How are the messages marked as read and unread?

Cookies are used to mark read and unread messages and only last one session. When you first go into a board all messages that are unread since your last visit will be marked with a red dot. Once you leave that particular forum the cookies expire and will not show unread messages upon re-entering.


Can I run a discussion forum on my own site?

Yes. The entire source code of WWWThreads is available under the GNU GPL.