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Dear, visitor welcome to the Cyprus Access Panel HomePage. The island of Cyprus lies between three continents: Europe, Asia and Africa. It is a safe and enjoyble tourist destination. Last year more than 2 million tourists visited the island that has a population of only 725,000 people.English is the second language of Cyprus and is spoken virtually by everyone in the tourist and commercial community. Cyprus is a cosmopolitan island with 9000 years of history. More than 30 airlines and a good number of shipping lines connect Cyprus with the rest of the world. Since 1974, the 39% of the island is under Turkish occupation, 200000 refugees are out of their own homes, and 1619 Greek-Cypriots are still missing, after an unhuman and barbarian invasion on the north part of the island by the Turkish troops. The Cyprus problem is still under negotiations through the United Nations. We hope you enjoy surfing our page. Please don't forget to tell us your thoughts and ideas about our page by signing our GuestBook. Click here to read an addressing message by the Cyprus Tourism Organization

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