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U.S. Congress Approves Resolution on Cyprus

The Congress of the United States overwhelmingly approved a Resolution calling for a U.S. initiative seeking a just and peaceful resolution of the situation in Cyprus.

The Senates unanimous decision on Concurrent Resolution No. 41 took place last night in light of Tuesdays overwhelming approval of Resolution No. 81 by the House of Representatives (417 in favor , 4 against and 13 abstentions).

The Senate (with the House of Representatives concurring) "reaffirms its view that the status quo on Cyprus is unacceptable and detrimental to the interests of the United States in the Eastern Mediterranean and beyond".

Furthermore, both Resolutions considers, inter alia, "that lasting peace and stability on Cyprus could be best assured by a process of complete demilitarization leading to the withdrawal of all foreign occupation forces." In addition, the Senate as well as the House of Representatives "welcomes and supports the commitment by president Clinton to give increased attention to Cyprus and to make the search for a solution a priority of United States policy".

The House Concurrent Resolution 81 encourages the President of the United States "to launch an early substantive initiative, in close coordination with the United Nations, the European Union, and interested governments to promote a speedy resolution of the Cyprus problem on the basis of international law, the provisions of relevant United Nations Security Council resolutions, democratic principles, including respect for human rights, and in accordance with the norms and requirements for accession to the European Union." The House Resolution also notes that "the prospect of the accession by Cyprus to the European Union, which the United States has actively supported, could serve as a catalyst for a solution to the Cyprus problem".

Finally, Congress "calls upon the parties to lend their full support and cooperation to United States, United Nations, and other international efforts to promote an equitable and speedy resolution of the Cyprus problem."

JULY 24th, 1997


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