Cyprus Issue

Results of Invasion

The Turkish invasion and subsequent occupation resulted in the following:
  • Almost 36% of the territory of the Republic of Cyprus - i.e. the northern part of the island, where 70% of its natural resources are concentrated - is under Turkish occupation.
  • 28% of the Greek Cypriots have been displaced from the occupied northern sector where they had constituted 80% of the inhabitants.
  • Greek and Turkish Cypriots, who for 300 years had lived together intermingled throughout the island, were now artificially separated.
  • The ascertainment of the fate of the missing persons is still pending.
  • By the end of 1974 about 12,000 people were enclaved in their occupied villages living under conditions of oppression, harassment and deprivation. Now only 421 Greek Cypriots and 155 Maronites remain (May 2001 figures).%26nbsp;
  • 35.000 Turkish soldiers, armed with the latest weapons, are stationed in the occupied area, making it, according to the UN Secretary-General, "one of the most militarised regions of the world" (S994/680/7.6.1994.par.28).
  • Over 115.000 Turks have been brought over from Turkey to colonise the occupied area thus changing the demography of the island and controlling the political situation.
  • The "Attila line" ("Operation Attila" was the code-name Turkey gave to the invasion of Cyprus) artificially divides the island and its people and prevents Cypriots from moving freely throughout their country.
  • In an effort to consolidate the de facto situation, the "Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus" was unilaterally declared in 1983 in the occupied area, a pseudostate recognised only by Turkey and entirely dependent on it.
  • According to Turkish-Cypriot newspapers, over one third of Turkish Cypriots emigrated from the occupied area between 1974-1995 because of the economic and social deprivation which prevails there. As a result the Turkish Cypriots who remain are today outnumbered by the Turkish troops together with the colonists.
  • The illegal regime in the occupied area is deliberately and methodically trying to eradicate every trace of a 9.000 year old cultural and historical heritage. All Greek place-names have been replaced by Turkish ones. Churches, monuments, cemeteries and archaeological sites have been destroyed, desecrated or looted. Priceless religious and archaeological treasures, part of the world's cultural heritage, are being stolen and smuggled abroad, and illegal excavations and dealings in antiquities are taking place.

Entry Date 20/6/2001