On July 20, 1974 Turkey invated and occupied 37% of Cyprus, including ARSOS, a small village of Larnaca district. ARSOS' innocent recidents, whether Greek or Turkish, fell victims Turkey's brutality, and were forced to become refugees in their own country. Today, ARSOS within a heavily armed military zone.

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Taken in April 1996.

Available to the public for the first time.

ARSOS' History:

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ARSOS' Archaelogical Site:

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The People of ARSOS
ARSOS had a steady population growth from 1881 until 1973.

The Population of ARSOS
Census Population
1881 185
1911 292
1931 449
1946 516
1960 613
1973 696

A pictorial presentation of my homeland
** ARSOS **
currently under Turkish military occupation.

Gold necklace from ARSOS. It is dated to the Archaic Period, 6th century B.C.

The Cyprus Museum, Nicosia, Cyprus.

The famous head statue from ARSOS. It wears a shawl and ear-rings of grape bunch shape. It is characterised of technical perfection.

The Cyprus Museum, Nicosia, Cyprus.

ARSOS' Greek Orthodox Church of "Panagia" (Madonna), the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus Christ.

Weddings were happy moments that seized to exist after the forceful evacuation of the people by the Turkish occupational forces.

ARSOS' elementary kid's school picture.

Children are no-where to be seen since 1974 when the village was transformed into a military camp by the Turkish occupational forces.

What used to be the village's "kafenion" (coffee-shop).

ARSOS' football (soccer) team at the elementary school's playground. The team used to participate in regional leagues, but was disbanded after the 1974 Turkish occupation of the village.

The regional police station at ARSOS

This used to be my parents' house the first brick-wall structure in ARSOS, built in 1965. All houses before that were made of clay and wood.

Archibishop Makarios during a visit to ARSOS. He was the President of the Republic of Cyprus from 1960 to the day he died in 1977.

My two most dearest people in the world, mom and dad at ARSOS when it used to be free and peacefull.

My grandfathers, to whom I dedicate this page.

Grandfather Nikolas and grandfather Giorkos who passed away without being able to see ARSOS free again, the village where they were born, grew up, and lived most of their lives, is still under the Turkish occupation army.

ARSOS is now inaccessible to its rightfull inhabitants or even to poeple who want to visit it.

Would you like to see ARSOS free from the Turkish occupational forces?

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