Welcome To Lapithos - A Village in Occupied Cyprus

A Home for Lapithos

Esy ths 8alassas ry8mos, olan8isto klwnari,
pws sou madhsan t'an8ia, diploi, triploi barbaroi.

Kouragio mikrokorh mas, pou mas eginhs mana,
ymnos kai 8rhnos ths zwhs ki'anastashs kambana.

G. Ritsos

Despite The International Outcry, And In Violation of International Law,
In Defiance of Countless Resolutions By The United Nations, The
Conference for Security and Cooperation in Europe, The Non-Aligned
Movement, The Commonwealth, The Council of Europe,
and Numerous Other International Bodies,
The Illegal Turkish Occupation of 38% of Cyprus Continues...

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