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The "Enories"

Lapithos has six "Enories", i.e. distinct sections formed around churches
since the old times. The six Enories of Lapithos are:
  • Ayia Paraskeuh
  • Ayia Anastasia
  • Timiou Prodromou
  • Ayiou Theodorou
  • Apostolou Louca
  • Ayiou Mhna

In the center of the city there are the Turkish Neibourhoods (Tourko-
Mahallas). The Turkish-Cypriot people of Lapithos maintain 2 mosques.
These mosques used to be churches before Cyprus was captured by the
Ottomans in 1571 (the first was the church of Ayiou Ioanni and the
second the church of Ayiou Georgiou).

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