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A Village in Occupied Cyprus 

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Λευκόνοικο (Greek) Visit Lefkoniko (English)
Η Ρωμιοσύνη έφ φυλη συνότζιαιρη του κόσμου
                             κανένας δεν εβρέθηκεν για να την ιξηλείψη….
Βασίλης Μιχαηλίδης Vasilis Michailides
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Despite The International Outcry, And In Violation of International Law,In Defiance of countless Resolutions By The United Nations, The Conference for Security and Cooperation in Europe, The Non-Aligned Movement, The Commonwealth, The Council of Europe, and Numerous Other International Bodies,
The Illegal Turkish Occupation of 38% of Cyprus Continues...
NATIONAL ANTHEM OF CYPRUS (midi plug is required)

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