Occupied Cyprus

Occupied Cyprus - Brief History
On 20 July 1974, Turkey launched a brutal invasion against defenseless Cyprus, and using more than 40,000 heavily armed troops captured 37% of the island. The invasion of Turkey and the occupation of 37% of the island's territory as well as the continuing violation of the fundamental human rights of the people of Cyprus have been condemned by international bodies, such as the UN General Assembly, the Non-Aligned Movement, the Commonwealth and the Council of Europe.

In 1974 200,000 Greek Cypriots, 33% of the total Greek Cypriot population, were forced to leave their homes and were turned overnight into refugees. For the last 21 years these refugees have been denied one of the most basic of human rights, the RIGHT of RETURN and SETTLEMENT to their paternal homes.

Occupied Cyprus - Objectives
The severe dearth of information on the continuing injustice against Cyprus, and the total lack of open forums for the innocent refugee victims to share their frustration, their pain, their worries and hopes has prompted us to start the ongoing project Occupied Cyprus.

The objective of this project is to collect Home Pages relevant to towns and villages for the Turkish Occupied part of Cyprus. These pages will be the voice of our refugees, and will be their message to the world. Our vision is to see one entry for every Occupied Village, one entry for every Occupied Town, one entry for every Occupied City in Cyprus!

In this effort we would like to see broad personal involvement so we call upon EVERY REFUGEE from Cyprus to participate. Occupied Cyprus will remind the world of the unspeakable crimes committed against the innocent in 1974 and will Demand Justice for Cyprus.


Helping The Occupied Cyprus Project

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