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Christian Churches

Population 1960
Population 1973
Greek Population after Turkish Invasion Greek Primary Schools
Greek Secondary Schools Churches Chappels Monasteries Height
Distance from Nearest Towns
Greek Turkish Maronites Armenians English Gypsies Others Did not Respond Greek Turkish 1979 1984 1992 1994 Name Number of Students Number of Teachers
Agia TriasAmmochostos (Karpasia)1121

286197146134Agia Triada A2759
Agia TriasAgia Pavla, Agios Fanourios
14053 klm SE of Ammochostos
Agia Triada B163
Agios AndronikosAmmochostos (Karpasia)771434---33--712-10866Agios Andronikos1014
Agia Foteini

11548 klm SE of Ammochostos
Agios EfstathiosAmmochostos (Karpasia)-90-------94----

5530 klm N of Ammochostos
Agios IliasAmmochostos (Karpasia)422-------355-----Agios Ilias261
Agios IliasAgios Dimitrios, Agios Georgios
3024 klm N of Ammochostos
Agios SymeonAmmochostos (Karpasia)-333-------360----

19048 klm SE of Ammochostos
Agios TheodorosAmmochostos (Karpasia)80523------------Agios Theodoros1043
Agia ParaskeviAgios Theodoros, Agios Evlogios
4029 klm N of Ammochostos
Aigialousa (Gialousa)Ammochostos (Karpasia)25371


Gialousa A1816
Agia Marina, Archangelos

12051 klm SE of Ammochostos
Gialousa B983
AvgolidaAmmochostos (Karpasia)-115-------124----
Agia Marina

-27 klm N of Ammochostos
BogaziAmmochostos (Karpasia)882------------Bogazi221
Agios SpyridonPanagia
-22 klm N of Ammochostos
Eptakomi (Eptagkomi)Ammochostos (Karpasia)738233------580228----Eptakomi (Eptagkomi)422
Agios Georgios, Apostolos LoukasAgios Epifanios (ruins), Agios Afxentios (carved), Agia Agathi, Agia Eirini (ruins), Archangelos Michail, Agios Loukas (ruins) (Holy Monastery)Agios Loukas (ruins)15038 klm N of Ammochostos
GalateiaAmmochostos (Karpasia)-1270-------1184----

9836 klm N of Ammochostos
GalinoporniAmmochostos (Karpasia)-836-------902----

10055 klm SE of Ammochostos
GastriaAmmochostos (Karpasia)261-------198-----Gastria141
Agios GeorgiosPanagia Faneromeni
3025 klm N of Ammochostos
GeraniAmmochostos (Karpasia)211-------170-----Gerani151
Agia AIkaterini, Agios GeorgiosPanagia Evangelistria, Agios Mamas (ruins)
11227 klm N of Ammochostos
KoilanemosAmmochostos (Karpasia)8512------809----Leonarissos-Koilanemos--
Agios Georgios

11045 klm N of Ammochostos
Koma tou GialouAmmochostos (Karpasia)854-------818-----Koma tou Gialou863
ArchangelosPanagia, Agios Georgios, Agios Nikolaos (ancient monument), Agia Solomoni
3538 klm SE of Ammochostos
Komi (Komi Kepir)Ammochostos (Karpasia)654289---8--562200----Komi (Komi Kepir)662
Agios Georgios, Agios Afxentios, Agios LoukasPanagia Kyra, Agios Georgios o Parouzos, Agios Vasileios (ruins), Agios Fotios (ruins), Agia AIkaterini (ruins)
9033 klm N of Ammochostos
KoroveiaAmmochostos (Karpasia)-280---17---300----

9053 klm SE of Ammochostos
KrideiaAmmochostos (Karpasia)-353-------382----

10031 klm N of Ammochostos
LeonarissoAmmochostos (Karpasia)707-------617-38151010Leonarissos-Koilanemos1084
Agios DimitriosArchangelos, Agios Antonios, Agios Ioannis (cave)
14043 klm SE of Ammochostos
LivadiaAmmochostos (Karpasia)-191-------205----
Panagia Kyra

5033 klm N of Ammochostos
LythragkomiAmmochostos (Karpasia)170105------19582----Lythragkomi301
Agios GeorgiosPanagia Kanakaria (Holy Monastery)Moni Panagias Kanakarias15045 klm SE of Ammochostos
MelanargaAmmochostos (Karpasia)175-------158-----Melanarga221
Agios Polychronios

20049 klm SE of Ammochostos
MonargaAmmochostos (Karpasia)1857--1---------
Agia Paraskevi

-22 klm N of Ammochostos
NetaAmmochostos (Karpasia)224-------------Neta321
PanagiaAgios Sergios
-47 klm SE of Ammochostos
OvgorosAmmochostos (Karpasia)-362------------

-28 klm N of Ammochostos
PatrikiAmmochostos (Karpasia)581-------------Patriki572
Archangelos MichailAgios Georgios, Agia Trypimeni, Agios Efstathios, Agios Prodromos
-28 klm N of Ammochostos
PlatanissosAmmochostos (Karpasia)-386------------
Agia AIkaterini

-42 klm N of Ammochostos
RizokarpasoAmmochostos (Karpasia)31512


Agios Synesis, Agia TriasProfitis Avvakoum, Panagia Eleousa, Panagia Afentrika, Apostolos Andreas (Holy Monastery), Agios Georgios (ruins), Agios Georgios Mesovouni, Agia Marina, Agia Athanasia, Agia Athanasia (new), Panagia Afentrika Sykada, Panagia Dafnonta, Agios Filon, Agios Synesis, Agia Mavri, Agios Filon (new), Agios Fotios, Agia Foteini, Asomatoi, Agios NakosMoni Apostolou Andrea
67 klm SE of Ammochostos
TavrouAmmochostos (Karpasia)3111------------Tavrou392
Agios Sergios kai VakchosAgia Paraskevi
-33 klm N of Ammochostos
VasiliAmmochostos (Karpasia)391-------362-----
Agios Vasileios

13044 klm SE of Ammochostos
VokolidaAmmochostos (Karpasia)337-------336-----Vokolida542
Agios GeorgiosAgia Thekla
2031 klm N of Ammochostos
VothylakasAmmochostos (Karpasia)509-------503-----Vothylakas692
Agios Georgios

-46 klm SE of Ammochostos

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