(Thymus integer)
Thymus integer


A gnarled aromatic perennial cushion-like subshrub. Leaves stalk-less, linear with long white hairs. The flower-head, a small terminal spike of pink tubular flowers, appears between March and June. The whole plant is less than 10cm high.


This endemic species is common on the Troodos range and in the Akamas area growing on rocky hillsides, in cultivated land and under pine trees on igneous formations from 300 ft to 5000 ft.

Uses and Properties

Like T.capitatus, T.integer is a good honey yielding plant, rich in the ethereal oil thymol. Its medicinal properties are thus similar to those of T.capitatus. Infusions from this plant can be used as anti-pyretics and in cases of dysentery and diarrhoea. Thymol is a good antiseptic and bactericide.