(Inula viscosa)
Inula viscosa


A perennial or annual with unstalked, narrow, hairy, gland-dotted and highly aromatic leaves. The plant forms a dense mass branching from the ground. Tiny closely packed yellow flowers appear from August to November.


Grows from sea-level to 5,000 ft in moist situations all over Cyprus by roadsides, riversides and on bare ground. It is often the first plant to colonise recently cleared ground.

Uses and Properties

The plant has been used in the past for treating enteritis and gonorrhea. Powdered leaves were employed to treat burns. The roots which are rich in inulin, resins and other aromatic compounds are employed as powders or infusions for their expectorant, diuretic and tonic properties. The plant is an efficient insect repellent and is often rubbed on window shutters in villages and used to repel fleas by striking mattresses with fresh stems.