(Salvia fruticosa)
Salvia fruticosa


A perennial evergreen aromatic undershrub with grey-green leaves, hairy below and wrinkled above, and woody stems. From February to July violet two-lipped flowers appear in erect terminal spikes.


Grows on dry rocky limestone slopes and edges of or clearings in pine forest, or in riverbeds or amongst garigue by the sea or on sand dunes or roadsides from sea-level to 5,000 ft.

Uses and Properties

The plant contains olio salviae, camphor, tannin as well as other aromatic compounds. It is commonly used for tea on the Island, an infusion being made from shade dried leaves. This tea is sold in coffee shops as "Spatsia" or "faskomelo" and is regarded as a good general tonic, good for the brain, senses and memory and also beneficial in cases of tonsillitis, sore throats, bronchitis and respiratory infections in general. It also has good expectorant action and is said to be good for stomach, nerves and blood.