Tahina dip

1 glass of tahina (you can buy this either loose or in small tins at your grocer or a Greek delicatessen shop) .

3 cloves of garlic (optional)

1 lemon - more if small and as much water as the mixture will take .

Crush the cloves of garlic . Beat the tahina until it loses its smell . Gradually add the lemon juice , beating it like mayonnaise , then add a little water at a time , stirring continually until you have a light-coloured , smooth , thick , greyish sauce . As soon as you begin adding water the mixture may curdle , however , it will become smooth as soon as enough water is added . Serve with chopped parsley .

Note : Should you not like so much garlic , take one clove only , cut off thetip and rub your mixing bowl with this before starting to make the sauce .