A cucumber and yoghourt salad

One large English cucumber

1 medium sized bowl of yoghourt or 1 large carton

A handful of dried mint

1-4 cloves of garlic

Salt to season

A little olive oil (optional)

If you cannot find nice thick yoghourt such as we have in Cyprus , add about 5 tablespoons of cream cheese and mix until smooth .

Peel the cucumber and cut into four , or eight lengthwise , the slice as thinly as possible . Crush the cloves of garlic and mix with the cucumbers (or rub bowl with one clove) . Let stand a little and then squeeze out the liquid the cucumbers have yielded .

Rub the mint into the salad and add salt . Beat the yoghourt and pour over the cucumbers , mix , add a little olive oil . Refrigerate and serve very cold .

Cucumbers in any form go very well with ouzo , on a hot summer evening !