Alfonsus LASOR A VAREA (SAVONAROLA) , "Isola di Cipro , Fellice Brunelo , V.F." (205x152mm) , Universus Terrarum Orbis , Patavia 1713 . Latin . Coloured .

 The case of Lasor , pseudonym of Innocenzo Rafaele Savonarola , is a fine example that illustrates the reuse of old plates of the end of the 16th. century in books of the 18th. century . There are various items concerning Cyprus in Lasor's book , Universus Terrarum Orbis. In volume I there is a map of Cyprus first published in Venice ca 1590 in Raccolta de Disegni...da Venetia a Constantinopoli (same map as in the Viaggio , entry 18 fig. 21) ; and also the present map of Cyprus which , though slightly reworked , is the map engraved by Natale Bonifacio whose monogram , "N.B.F." occurs at the bottom left corner . This map was originally published by Fellice Brunelo ca 1590 in Venice . It was subsequently used in various isolaria at the end of the 16th. century and here it is being employed by Lasor with page legend "T.I. pag. 315" engraved in the upper left corner of the map surface .(This is the same map as Fig . 59 of the present collection with the difference that it is a little smaller and coloured) .