Willem Janszoon and Joan BLAEU , " Cyprus Insula " (350x500mm) , Theatrum Orbis Terrarum , sive Novus Atlas , Amsterdam 1647 . Latin . Coloured .


 A new double folio map of Cyprus completely based on the famous 1573 Cyprus map of Ortelius (Fig . 10) but with artistic alterations that render it the finest copper-plate map of the island until that time . It appeared first in the second volume of Willem Blaeu's opus , Atlas Novus published in 1635 in Latin , German , Dutch and French . The same map was used by Joan Blaeu , the son of Willem , in eleven-volume , Atlas Maior , Sive Cosmographia Blaviana . In 1637 , two years after its original publication , Joannes Janssonius made a replica of the map which appeared in the Janssonius-Hondius , Appendix Atlantis (Amsterdam 1637) . The two copper-plates are hardly distinguishable but for some minor differences such as Nicosia corrupted to Nocosia on Janssonius' map .