Alfonsus LASOR A VAREA (SAVONAROLA) ,Francesco VALEGIO , "Nicosia" - "In Insula Cipri..."(87x132mm) page 258 ,Universus Terrarum Orbis... , Patavia 1713 . Latin .

 Another Cyprus item in the second volume of Lasor's book is this conventional plan of Nicosia with the Venetian walls . This plan was first published ca 1579 in Venice in the towns-book , Raccolta di le piu illustri et famose citta di tutto il mondo , by Francesco Valegio . Valegio's plan is based on a siege-plan of Nicosia published by Gamocio ca 1570 , but it eliminates all the pictorial elements concerning the siege and replaces the Turkish forces around the walls with cultivated land .