Karl BAEDEKER , Konstantinopel , Balkanstaaten , Kleinasien , Archipel , Cypern , Leipzig 1914 . 8vo (161x107mm) . German .

 This travel guide by the famous firm of Baedeker , the pioneers in the field of guide-books , includes 18 maps , 50 plans and 15 panoramas . It is a second edition in German and quite important as far as Cyprus is concerned . It includes three folding items on Cyprus : one map of "Cyprus" (146x240mm) , a plan of the old town of "Famagusta" (146x179mm) and a plan of "Nicosia" (144x148mm) within the walls . All three are coloured and signed by "Wagner & Debes' Geogr . Establ ." Of particular importance is the plan of Nicosia , the capital of Cyprus , because it gives valuable information as to its growth and development in the first decades of British rule .