Ferrandus BERTELLI , " Isola di Cipro " - " Cyprus Insula olim Macharia... Romae M.D.LXII , Ferandus Bertelli excude " (182x250mm) , Rome 1562 . Loose sheet . Contemporary colour .

This very rare map of Cyprus was first issued in Rome in 1560 by a certain "B.F." The Venetian , F. Bertelli published the same map two years later , in 1562 , after it had been re-engraved by the Roman cartographer Marius Kartaro whose monogram , "M.K.", appears at the bottom right corner . It is a loose sheet map but it has also been traced in Lafreri type atlases (IATO collections) . The present copy was once in the famous Novacco Map Collection . Although published in the 1560s , when such Venetian cartographers like Camocio were at work (see Fig. 7) , this map is more akin to Bordone's woodcut style of the 1520s (see Fig. 2) and uses mostly pictorial signs rather than toponyms .