Abraham ORTELIUS , "Insular . Aliquot Aegaei Maris Antiqua Descrip . "-"Cyprus Insula laeta choris ,..."(360x470mm) page 90 , Theatrum Orbis Terrarum , Antwerp 1584 . Latin . Coloured . 

 Drawn by Ortelius himself , this map is a reduced version of the map (Fig. 10) and shows Cyprus with nine insets of other Greek islands . It was first published by Ortelius in Additamentum III and as of 1584 it was included in the Parergon , a supplement to the Theatrum . The map contains ancient toponyms . The present edition comes from the original of 1584 (see also Fig. 11 of 1608 after the place name "Amathus" was added on Cyprus (1587) and "Melanthy Scopuli" deleted from the Greek islands (ca 1600) .