Press Releases 2003


December 10

Extract on Cyprus from the Resolution adopted by the Heads of Government at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Nigeria Dec. 5-8th 2003

November 14

The Unilateral Declaration of Independence in Turkish Occupied Cyprus - A roadblock in Turkey's course to Europe

November 12

Interim Resolution by the Council of Europe Minister's Deputies concerning the case of Loizidou against Turkey

October 24

Message by Cyprus President to the United Nations Secretary General on the UN Day

October 21

From Istar to Aphrodite: Treasures from Cyprus on display in New York for the first time

October 9

Letter to International Press Associations concerning threats against Turkish Cypriot journalists

October 1

Proclamation by New York Governor on Cyprus Independence Day

September 19

President Papadopoulos to attend UN General Assembly

September 17

Cyprus Journalists Condemn ''Charges'' Against T/C Journalists

September 15

The Cyprus Government Urges Israel to Rescind its Decision to Expel Yasser Arafat

August 7

Permanent Representative of Cyprus Presents Credentials

July 17

After 29 Years, Turkey's Occupation of Cyprus Must End

July 16

Implementation of the Set of Measures Proposed by the Cyprus Government Vis-a-Vis the Turkish-Cypriots

June 20

Cyprus Withdraws the Death Penalty

June 10

Joint Press Conference by the Mister of Justice and Public Order and the Government Spokesman on the Implementation of Measures for the Turkish Cypriots

June 6

Security Council Extends UNFICYP for Another Six Months

April 30

The Policy of the Cyprus Government Vis-a-Vis the Turkish Cypriots

May 13

Cyprus Architecture in the 21st Century

February 25

Paragraph on Cyprus from the Final Communique of the Non-aligned Summit held in Kuala Lumpur

January 17

The Permanent Representative of Cyprus Deposits the Instrument of Ratification of the Ottawa Convention Banning Anti-Personnel Landmines


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