Final Communique of the Commonwealth Summit in Durban
Extract on Cyprus
November 15, 1999


22.    Heads of Government reaffirmed their support for the independence, sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of the Republic of Cyprus. They called for the implementation of United Nations Resolutions on Cyprus, and in particular Security Council Resolutions 365 (1974), 550 (1984), 1250 and 1251 (1999), and for the withdrawal of all Turkish Forces and settlers, the return of the refugees to their homes, the restoration and respect for the human rights of all Cypriots, and the accounting for all missing persons. They emphasized that the demand for recognition for a separate state in the occupied part of Cyprus is unacceptable.

23.    Reiterating their deep concern that the continued efforts to achieve a just and lasting solution should at last bear fruit, they strongly endorsed the United Nations Security Council’s request to the United Nations Secretary General to invite the two communities on Cyprus to negotiations under his auspices before the end of 1999. They noted that these negotiations would be comprehensive and based on the four principles of: no preconditions, all issues being on the table, commitment in good faith to continue the negotiations until a settlement is reached, and full consideration of relevant United Nations Resolutions and Treaties. They pledged their full support for the United Nations Secretary General in pursuit of this objective, and expressed their warm appreciation for the willingness of the Government of the Republic Cyprus to respond positively to an invitation to negotiations based on the four principles endorsed by the United Nations Security Council.

24.    They requested the Secretary General to convene the Commonwealth Action Group on Cyprus whenever appropriate.”

* * * * *