November 15, 1998

Fifteen years have elapsed since the day the Turkish Cypriot leadership, with the active support of the Turkish government, went ahead with their plan to declare a so-called state in the areas of the Cyprus Republic occupied by the Turkish army.

Since then all the efforts of the Turkish side aim at securing international recognition of the Turkish Cypriot secessionist entity.

Turkey is the only country to recognize the Turkish Cypriot illegal entity, violating in this way not only the UN Resolutions but also the Treaty of Guarantee and the territorial integrity of the Republic of Cyprus. The UN Security Council Resolutions are using a clear and unambiguous language. Resolutions 541 (1983) deplores the establishment of a breakaway "Turkish Cypriot State" in the Turkish occupied north, branding the attempt "legally invalid," and call for its withdrawal. Resolution 550 (1984) condemns the additional secessionist action "including the purported exchange of ambassadors between Turkey and the Turkish Cypriot leadership, declares them illegal and invalid and calls for their immediate withdrawal."

It also "reiterates the call upon all states not to recognize the purported state of the "Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus " set up by secessionist acts and calls upon then not to facilitate or in any way assist the aforesaid secessionist entity."

Now that the Turkish Cypriot leadership and the Turkish government openly demand recognition of the occupied part of Cyprus making it a precondition for their participation in any future peace talks, it is high time that the Security Council took action to dissolve this illegal breakaway fiefdom of Ankara and implement its resolutions.

The non-implementation of the United Nations Resolutions reflects negatively on the credibility of the United Nations Organization and in particular the Security Council, the main organ responsible for maintaining world peace and security.

The Government of Cyprus has amply demonstrated its readiness to seek a just, lasting and peaceful settlement on the basis of the United Security Council Resolutions. On this occasion we would like to reiterate once again that we would cooperate in good will with all efforts aiming at establishing a bizonal, bicommunal federation in one state of Cyprus with a single sovereignty, one citizenship and a single personality member of the European family.

* * * * *