Common Declaration of the Cypriot Youth Organizations 
concerning the future of Cyprus

January, 15, 2002

"Following the agreement of the two community leaders of Cyprus to initiate direct talks under the auspices of the United Nations until a comprehensive settlement is achieved, the undersigned youth organizations from both communities of Cyprus,

Considers the status quo as dangerous and unacceptable for the future of the Youth in Cyprus,

Realize the negative outcomes suffered by both communities due to the failure of reaching a comprehensive settlement to the Cyprus problem.

Considers that the further loss of time bears serious dangers for the future of our common country,

Underlines the need to render the inter-communal negotiations substantive and meaningful.

Considers that the current division violates fundamental human rights of the people of Cyprus in both communities,

Acknowledges that Cyprus is the common land of all Cypriots,

1. Underline the urgent need to reach a peaceful, just, democratic and viable solution;

2. Confirm that the solution of the Cyprus problem must lead to a bi-zonal, bi-communal Federal Cyprus, based on the 1977 and 1979 High Level Agreements, relative UN Resolutions and International Law, made up of two politically equal Communities as described in paragraph 11 of the UN Secretary-General's Report of April 1992 and the UN Relevant Resolution. Such a solution must safeguard full independence, territorial integrity, single sovereignty, single international personality and single citizenship and exclude the union in full or in part with any other country or any other form of partition, annexation or secession;

3. Support a solution that will be based on the consolidation of the security feeling in both Communities and the safeguarding of the human rights and the freedoms of all citizens without any discrimination on the basis of national origin. The solution will be based on the Acquis Communautaire and International Law;

4. Believe that a just and viable solution can only be achieved on a peaceful way by means of substantive talks under the auspices of the UN, on the basis of the UN Resolutions and the High Level Agreements. For this reason they call on all related and responsible sides to comply with the above mentioned agreed framework paving the way for a meaningful dialogue;

5. Underline their opposition to any act that leads to the escalation of the aggravated situation and to a possible military conflict, including changes to the agreed cease-fire line. In this respect they support the relevant provisions of the UN Resolutions and appeal to all interested parties to agree on measures for the gradual decrease of all the troops and armaments, having as a final goal demilitarization as part of an overall settlement. Such development will contribute towards the elimination of mistrust between the two Communities, will increase security and stability in the region and promote peace;

6. Understand that the accession process of Cyprus to the E.U. must must act as a catalyst for the solution of the Cyprus problem. Membership to the E.U. would promise a prosperous and secure future for all citizens of the island. It is our wish that finding a solution to the Cyprus question and the accession of Cyprus to the E.U. would happen at the same time;

7. Realize that the interested parties must make mutual concessions to a reach a viable solution, as expressed above. Personal and group interests should not torment the attainable interests that a reunified Cyprus would provide.
On the basis of the above expressed propositions, we call on both community leaders to take into consideration the voice of their respective youth organizations.

Finally we hope that the future described above will become a reality in the very near future."

Signed by: CTP Youth Branch (Turkish Cypriot), TKP Youth Branch (Turkish Cypriot), YBH Youth Branch (Turkish Cypriot), EDON (Greek Cypriot), NEDISI (Greek Cypriot), NEDIK (Greek Cypriot), NEOS (Greek Cypriot), ONED (Greek Cypriot)