U.S. President proposal for September meeting

During his visit to Greece the former President of the United States, Mr. George Bush, reiterated emphatically on 18 July that the present status quo in Cyprus is unacceptable and pledged that the United States would do whatever it could to help settle the Cyprus problem in 1991.
On 2 August, 1991, Mr. Bush announced that the Greek Prime Minister and the President of Turkey, had informed him that Greece and Turkey had agreed to attend a meeting concerning Cyprus. "This meeting" he continued, "will be well-prepared and both convened and chaired by the United Nations Secretary-General under his Security Council mandate. Greek and Turkish leaders will work in support of the Secretary-General's efforts in advance of the meeting planned for September in the United States, provided that adequate progress is made in narrowing differences before then". The Cyprus Government welcomed the statement by the U.S. President. Moreover, the U.N. Secretary-General welcomed the personal efforts by Mr. Bush in support of his mission of good offices and expressed his encouragement that the Greek and Turkish leaders had agreed to work in support of his efforts to make progress in advance of a high-level international meeting, noting at the same time that "it is recognized by all that the two sides in Cyprus must be brought within agreement range before such a meeting takes place".
On 12 September, however, after a series of talks to promote the convening of an international conference, the then Prime Minister of Turkey, Mr. Yilmaz, during a meeting in Paris with the Prime Minister of Greece, publicly reneged on all commitments of his government to the United Nations and others, concerning elements for progress towards a solution of the Cyprus problem, announcing at the same time that the September international meeting was no longer feasible. Also on 12 September the European Parliament adopted a resolution by which the European Council and the Council of Ministers were called upon to take the necessary steps to ensure that "the European Community takes part in the (Cyprus) conference which is of major importance for the whole of Europe".


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