Solomou case admitted by Human Rights Court. (July 9, 1999)

Solomou case admitted by Human Rights Court. (July 9, 1999)

The European Court of Human Rights has declared as admissible the case of the family of Solomos Solomou, shot dead by Turks during a peaceful demonstration against the Turkish occupation of Cyprus held in Dherynia in August 1996, who filed a suit against Turkey in Strasbourg in February.

The Court ruled that the application of the Solomou family was admissible after Turkey abstained from submitting any observations on its admissibility and a hearing on its merits will follow.

The Court is initially asking Turkey to justify Solomou's death in view of its claims that he was attempting to take down the Turkish flag.

The Court agrees with the view of the Cypriot lawyers that the Turkish flag was flying illegally on Cypriot territory.

The family of Tassos Isaac, who was clubbed to death in the buffer zone during the Dherynia events, has also filed an application to the European Court of Human Rights.

(Cyprus Press and Information Office)

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