(Hedera helix)
Hedera helix


A perennial, woody, evergreen climber sometimes spreading on the ground to form a carpet. Young leaves are three lobed while those on flowering branches are egg shaped. Yellowish-green flowers in terminal clusters appear between August and October. Fruit globular, black at maturity.


Found under trees and in rocky shady places, usually by water. Common at higher elevations on the Troodos range. Usually above 1,500 ft but descends to 300 ft on the Karpas peninsula.

Uses and Properties

Ivy contains saponins, hederagenine and organic acids and is a valued medicinal plant. Preparations from the plant are used as anti-spasmodics, purgatives, and in cases of rhinitis and cataracts. However, both fruit and leaves are irritants to the skin and must be used with caution.