Meeting of Secretary General with German Foreign Minister  Joschka Fischer - reference on Cyprus

21 January, 2004

QUESTION: (Inaudible on Cyprus )

SECRETARY-GENERAL: We did discuss Cyprus . We discussed the question of the reunification of the island. I made it clear to my good friend the Foreign Minister that my good offices are still available, provided the parties show their willingness and the will to move forward and settle their differences. As you are aware, we have made proposals to the parties last year. That proposal is still on the table, and I'm getting indications from all concerned that they may want to resume negotiations, but we haven't reached the stage where I would get involved yet. I have heard from one of the parties and I am waiting to see what I hear from the others, and I will have the opportunity also of discussing this issue with Prime Minister Erdogan (of Turkey) in the next few days. 

* * * * *