2 October 2002

Q: Sir, what are the expectations for the tomorrow meetings on Cyprus ?

SG: Expectations? Well, I hope they will both come here to discuss honestly with me what efforts have been made to make progress in the talks. The last time I met with them was the beginning of September. It is about a month, and I would want to review with them what has happened since then, and how we move forward as we get to the end of the year. And when I met with them in May, there were indications that we should be able to make progress by the end of the year. The end of the year is around the corner, so I want to review with them how we get there.

Q: Are you going to give them any plan tomorrow, any paper?

SG: I have no intention of doing more than I have said.

Q: A couple of days ago you said you will see how your suggestions were received. Do you have an idea now how the suggestions of May were received?

SG: I think when I sit down with them tomorrow, and Mr. Alvaro de Soto is here, and the two leaders are coming in, and when we sit down tomorrow we will review what progress has been made, and I think you two will have a chance to talk with them too directly.

Q: Do you think the elections in Cyprus are an obstacle for the process?

SG: Not at this stage.


* * * * *