3 December 2002

Q. When do you expect the answers from the 2 Cypriot leaders and what is going to be your next step?

K.A. Mr. de Soto , my envoy in the region is working very actively with the leaders to get the answers. I think we have time to come to an honorable agreement and as I have indicated, the timetable was part and parcel of the proposals. There is still time to conclude an agreement. The issues are not new, we 've been working on them for years and luckily the same team of the same leaders have been working with us on these issues for over 25 years.  And we do have time to come to an agreement.

Q. It seems that time has run out, every one says so. Do you have any plans for your next move, after the 12th, in the case the parties won't agree before Copenhagen ?

K.A. The time has not run out. Today is the 3rd of December. We have almost 9 -10 days and I think that's plenty of time.

Q. Last year you told us you have a dream for Cyprus . What is your dream?

K.A. My dream is to see a united Cyprus admitted to the European Union, and a Cyprus which will enter EU and prosper as one nation. I think the people have gone through this conflict for several decades and we now have an opportunity to end it. I hope the two leaders will seize the opportunity and bring peace and stability to the island, and make history.

* * * * *