Statement to the press by Alvaro de Soto
Special Adviser of the Secretary-General on Cyprus
UN Headquarters, December 19, 2002


De Soto: You will be hearing from the President of the Security Council shortly. I can only say that the Secretary General and I have received the strong support from the members of the Security Council. Thereís a lot of work to be done in the ten weeks ahead and it will be done I hope. My colleagues are on the island and we hope that we will achieve success in the time remaining.  

Q: What is your next step?  I understand you are going to Cyprus on the 7th .  

De Soto: The Secretary General has written to the two leaders today as well as the leaders in Greece and Turkey setting out the road ahead as he sees it and the work hew thinks that needs to be done and drawing their attention on the need to move very quickly on a number of issues that are pending.  

Q: So the next deadline what it is, do they have to answer during certain days?  

De Soto: We donít like to talk about a deadline. We are hoping for work to take place in this week,  at least some preliminary work, and work to take place by each of the two sides separately in preparation of a very intensive effort that should take place in January particularly.  

Q: Do you mean the ad hoc committees?  

De Soto: Well thatís one of the areas in which work needs to be done.


 * * * * *