Statements by Tom Weston after meeting with President papadopoulos

February 10, 2004 

Weston: I am not going to make a comment on optimism or pessimism, we are looking forward to another session this afternoon with the Secretary General and the two leaders and we will see what happens in that session. I am not making a judgment on optimism or pessimism until that takes place.

Q: Are you getting the cooperation you were expecting from the Greek Cypriot side?

Weston: we have just had a very useful discussion, we talked about some ideas going forward but I think that it is all dependent on the Secretary Generalís estimation on the degree of cooperation which he is getting from the two sides.

Q: Did Secretary Powell contact both parties?

Weston: We are having contacts at all kinds of levels, including those of the Secretary of State.

* * * * *