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Benefits of Accession to the European Union


Questions Relating to the Whole of Cyprus.

  1. What are the benefits to Cyprus as a whole from membership of the European Union?
  2. What are the specific political benefits from entry to the EU?
  3. What are the economic advantages of membership?
  4. What other benefits are anticipated form EU membership?
  5. Will there be political gains from EU membership?


Questions Relating to the Turkish Cypriots.

  1. What are the benefits to the Turkish Cypriots from full membership of the EU?
  2. How will the Turkish Cypriot benefit from being an EU citizen?
  3. How much of the financial assistance from the European Union will be used for the benefit of the Turkish Cypriots Community?
  4. Will the Turkish Cypriots be able to maintain and develop their own cultural identity?
  5. In simple language what would be the benefits to the ordinary Turkish Cypriots?
  6. The Turkish Cypriot business community has often expressed reservations about measures aiming at normalization and entry to the EU. What are the benefits of full membership for the Turkish Cypriot businessmen?
  7. Even though most of the Turkish Cypriot community will benefit from membership of the EU, how will the industries that will face hardship be assisted to harmonize their activities with the conditions inside the EU?


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