This page contains pictures from my home town Morphou. Morphou is located in the northwest side of Cyprus, 30 miles from Nicosia. In 1974 Morphou was invaded by the Turkish troops, who forced its residents away, and since then keep the town under their occupation, forbidding the Greek Cypriots from visiting their houses their orchards, and the soil that buries their ancestors.
I am , along with the other Morphites, only left with memories of the beautiful town of Morphou, famous for its orange and lemon orchards and its hard-working people.

Pictures from the occupied Morphou - (as we left it back in 1974)

Agios Mamas

The Church of Agios Mamas

The icon of Agios Mamas


The ancient theatre of Soloi


Agora - This is the Morphou market the way it looks today, with all the greek names in the shops replaced by turkish names. The shop at the far end with the labe l "Kasap" used to be my father's butcher shop. He was forced like all the other Greek Cypriots of Morphou to abandon his house and his business, which now are illegaly occupied by the Turks.

Poreia Morphitwn

Morphites demonstrating against the occupation of Morphou

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