Mail Services

Letter Mail

The letter mail constitutes the main part of the postal activities and covers a significant percentage of the Cyprus Post’s income, due to the fact that the population, rather than any other item, most commonly use the letter mail service. During 2000, 62,2 million prepaid letter items were processed in comparison to 54,4 that were processed in 1999, showing an increase of 14,34%. In addition to the above during 2000, 12,2 million letter items were received from abroad, in comparison to 11,8 that were received in 1999, showing an increase equal to 3,4%.



The Parcel Post Service is one of the most important services offered by this Department. Despite the competiveness of the market in the distribution of merchandise and other commercial items, the Parcel Service still retains a considerable share of the market.

According to statistical data, during 2000, 57.845 parcels were exchanged and compared with 59.313 of the previous year; a decrease of 3,5% is shown.


EMS/ Datapost Service

This Service offers the public and particular to the commercial and industrial business world, the choice of dispatching and receiving letters and other very important items in a very fast and safe way. Special messengers deliver such items within 24 hours after arrival or 48 hours in exceptional cases.

During the year under review 80.882 items were exchanged between Cyprus

and 118 foreign countries with which a number of bilateral agreements have been concluded.


Private Post Office Boxes (P.O.Boxes)

In order to satisfy customers´ demands the Cyprus Post offers delivery on a 24-hour basis through its private post office boxes. This service offers convenience, flexibility and security. Every year new P.O. boxes are rented throughout Cyprus. Today the P. O. Box network has reached 21.739 users compared to last year's number of 20.962. The cost of renting P. O. Boxes depends on the duration of years required. The maximum rental period is three years and the minimum is one year, the former being cheaper.

The income from the rental of P.O.Boxes for the year under review amounts to C£ 365.800


Postal Agents

During the year 2000, 992 Postal Agents offered postal services in urban and rural areas.

Postal Agents are ranged in four categories: Postal Agents “A”, “B”, C”, and the Postal Agents working with 3% commission on the sales of stamps. Postal Agents “A” are appointed in urban and rural areas and they sell postage, refugee, revenue stamps and other postal material. Postal Agents “B” offer services mainly in the rural communities. Their duties are similar to those of Agents “A” and in addition they accept ordinary and registered mail, and are responsible for the collection of mail from the street boxes. They also receive and send the communities´ mail bags to the Post Office and they distribute the communities´ mail to the private rural boxes. Postal Agents “C” are appointed in rural communities with population of more than 200 inhabitants. Their duties are the same to those of Agents “B” plus they have the responsibility of house-to-house delivery of mail. During the last year the institution was expanded to 15 new rural communities and their number was increased to 141. The project is expected to cover all the large communities by the year 2003.

During the year being surveyed a new institution of agents, working with 3% commission was introduced. These 311 agents are appointed mostly in the tourist and coastal areas to sell postage and refugee stamps as well as postcards, issued by the Department.

These Postal Agencies operate in shops and their services are very important especially during the hours that the Post Offices are closed.



The postcode system of Cyprus is one of the most modern since it combines with only four digits, all necessary information for the routing, sorting and quick delivery of postal items to the addressees.

The postcode is a necessary prerequisite for the operation of the new automatic sorting machine which has already been installed at the new sorting center and which is expected to be fully operational in the spring of 2001.

The public is requested to participate in the efforts for the improvement of the quality of postal services by using the relevant postcode on each item.

In the case of customers who post large quantities of mail and use the correct postcode, discounts up to 25% are allowed.


Franking Machines

To serve those who are interested in purchasing their own franking machine, like banks, organisations, companies/firms or individuals with a large volume of items the Director of Postal Services issues a special annual licence after approving customer's application. In 2000, the total revenue from 593 private franking machines was C£ 1.943.000

For those who do not have their own franking machine the Cyprus Post operates 20 official franking machines, which stamp large quantities of mail posted by good customers. In 2000 the total revenue from these machines is C£ 919.000.

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