Stamp and Philatelic Services

Philatelic Service

This Service is responsible for the preparation of the annual stamp issuing program, the supervision and control of the issuing of stamps, the promotion of philately in Cyprus and abroad, the managing of postal and philatelic needs and the distribution of stamps to local post offices, worldwide agents and philatelists.


Since the independence of Cyprus in 1960, the policy of this Department in this field has been the issuing of a limited number of stamps, thus making them valuable.

The release of these issues contributes to the promotion of the country internationally and at the same time local and international events and anniversaries are marked.

This Service exerts every possible effort to satisfy the philatelists by offering them quality stamps at reasonable cost.

The basic requirements for the quality of stamps are a well-designed theme, the use of good quality paper and the use of the appropriate printing method.

In 2000, the total revenue from the sale of stamps for philatelic purposes amounted to C£ 512.507

Stamp Agents abroad

In its efforts to promote Cyprus stamps abroad and to satisfy the demands of foreign philatelists, Cyprus Post has appointed Stamp Agents in various countries. Such agencies operate in the majority of European countries, the United States of America, Australia and South East Asia.


Philatelic Exhibitions

Part of the campaign for the promotion of Cyprus stamps abroad is the participation of Cyprus Post in international philatelic exhibitions with the active presence of Senior Postal Officers.


Philatelic Center and Postal Museum

The Philatelic Center and Postal Museum has been operating since 1981 where worthwhile sets of Cyprus stamps and items related to Cyprus postal history are displayed. This museum has been upgraded with additional exhibits and since 1999 it has been situated in the “Laiki Yitonia” area in the old town of Nicosia.

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