Other Services

Cyprus Post, responding to the challenges of the postal market and to the needs and requirements of the customers, industrial consumers, is offering a wide range of products and services of the highest quality at affordable prices.

Delivery of unaddressed advertising mail

Cyprus Post undertakes the responsibility of distributing island-wide to selected segments or to all post office boxes unaddressed advertising mail up to 250 gr.

Posting of printed papers in sealed envelopes or plastic

Large volume of advertising mail may be placed in closed sealed envelopes or plastic bearing the impression “sealed under permit”.

Postage paid (Inland and foreign)

Identical items posted at regular intervals and in quantity of 1000 or more may bear the “postage paid” impression on the top right hand cover of each item.

Business Reply Service (Inland and foreign)

The business reply service enables authorized senders to pay the postage of reply items on behalf of their respondents. Using the business reply service the licensees only pay for the number of mailings that are actually returned..

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