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KYPROS-NET Real Audio/Video server 
download real player Note: You need Real Player to be able to listen to the radio broadcasts and view the video clips.
We strongly recommend that you use the latest version, which can be downloaded for free.
The network streams are of better quality than the http streams. However, unlike the network streams, the http streams can go through firewalls.

Streams Hosted by Kypros-Net 
Learn Greek on the Internet!  Audio Lessons for English speakers
Live Transmission
CySat - Live TV stream  
Daily News bulletins 
Apo mera se mera   network http
Ora Kyprou network http
6:00 pm News in Greek New network http
8:30 pm Main News Bulletin (CyBC) network http
English news bulletin network http
Turkish news bulletin network http
Sports News
Saturday's "Athlitikes Eikones" network http
Sunday's "Athlitikes Eikones" network http
Monday's "Faseis & Goal" network http
Weekly Programs
Proektaseis New network http
Oikonomikos Kathreftis New network http
Kypros - Europi New network http
Sto Proskinio New network http
Dialogoi network http
7 meres Kypros network http
H Kypros konta sas network http
Prizma (Turkish) network http
Aktualite (Turkish) network http
Cyprus Problem
Cyprus Island of Strife (26 min)New english
Missing - Fate Unknown (35 min)New english greek
Demonstration - Solomou (5 min)New english
Tourism Programs
Cyprus - At the edge of heaven (18 min) network http
Cyprus - From Cyprus with love (42 min) network http
Cyprus - Island of Aphrodity (58 min) network http
Cultural Programs
ΚΥΠΡΙΑΚΗ ΔΗΜΟΚΡΑΤΙΑ - 30 Χρόνια ζωής  network http
Den Xehno  network http
Sunday's Kypriotiko Sketch network http
History of Cyprus on Kypros-Net New    
Cyprus Music on Kypros-Net    
Cyprus' Song for 2000 Eurovision contest Video  
Cyprus at 1999 Eurovision contest Video Audio
Cyprus at 1998 Eurovision contest Video Audio


Other Radio Stations 
Greek radio/tv stations in real audio

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