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                     Update: February, 1998

        Kypros-Net comprises a rich online information source
        on Cyprus. Since November 1, 1997 the following new
        updates have been made:

        Kypros-Net with now 300,000 accesses per week
        ( has received a series of awards:

           1. Starting point Hot Site.
           2. Three sites, hosted by Kypros-Net, were rated among the top
              5% of all sites on the Internet by Point Survey.
           3. Select Surf - Best of the WEB
           4. Culture Choice award.
           5. site of the week.
           6. Phantis weekly pick.
           7. Rated as an excellent site by Web Site Garage.


        Kypros-Net was rated with RSACi so that it can be accessible from
        browsers with parental content control.

        Kypros-Net Projects

        *ELECTIONS 98:
        Extensive coverage of the Presidential Elections in Cyprus.
        Includes a presentation of previous presidential elections,
        election polls and an on-line gallop.


        On February 8th Kypros-Net will have a live coverage of Cyprus
        presidential elections results.

        Kypros-Net now has its own Real audio/video server, providing

          1. Local USA broadcast of CyBC TV evening news and the daily
             news program "Apo mera se mera" (with an HTTP option for
             our visitors that are behind a firewall)
          2. A collection of Cyprus related songs in real audio.


        *REVIEW 1997
        Review of Cyprus events/news about Cyprus in 1997


        *SPORT NEWS:
        Now also providing soccer news in English


        Hosted Pages
        *The 1619 Missing Cypriots
        The official homepage of the Pancyprian Committee of Parents and
        Relatives of Undeclared Prisoners of War and Missing Personshosted
        by Kypros-Net at


        Mirrored Pages

        The official homepage of the Cyprus mission at the United Nations
        now mirrored by Kypros-Net at

        *ZYPERN HOMEPAGE (Update)
        The Zypern homepage has been update.


        *EURO-MED NET '98

        The official page of the Euro-Med conference mirrored by
        Kypros-NET at

        * EMBASSY OF CYPRUS: Newsletter, January 1998 issue


        Plus Interesting Information expanding on a daily basis.
        Visit Kypros-Net at:


        Please feel free to distribute this announcement
        anywhere you think it will be useful.

        Also we would apreciate a link from any site you maintain.

        Please direct any questions or comments at:

                E-mail  :
                Address : KYPROS-NET
                          P.O.BOX 341
                          College Park, MD 20740

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