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Brief History

Since 1974 The Illegal Turkish Occupation Continues ...

Despite The International Outcry, And In Violation of International Law,
In Defiance of Countless Resolutions By The United Nations, The
Conference for Security and Cooperation in Europe, The Non-Aligned
Movement, The Commonwealth, The Council of Europe,
and Numerous Other International Bodies,
The Illegal Turkish Occupation of 38% of Cyprus Continues...


Lapithos is on the northern coast of Cyprus, situated about 14 Kilometers
West of Kyrenia. On the East it borders with Karabas, on the West with
Basileia, on its South with the villages of Sysklhpos, Agridaki, and
Larnaka ths Lapithou.

Lapithos spreads from the high mountains of Pentadaxtylos to the waters
of the Meditterannean. In fact, it rests against the background of the
highest peak of Pentadaxtylos, the Kyparissobouno, which reaches about
1024 meters high.


"...Kyrie, bon8a va 8ymomaste
pws egive toyto to foviko
tnv arpagn, to dolo, tnv idioteleia,
to stegvwma tns agapns
Kyrie, bon8a va ta 3erizwsoyme ..."

"...Father, help us remember how this murder came about the stealing, the hatred, the selfishness, the drying up of love Father, help us uproot them ..." Salamina Ths Kyprou G. Seferis

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