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Kypros-Net - The World of Cyprus
Update: May 19, 1997

Kypros-Net comprises a rich online information source on Cyprus. Since May 3, 1997 the following new updates have been made:

  • Kypros-Net Projects
    • Cyprus Virtual Library. A new section with a vision to collect all document concerning Cyprus from a variety of sources at a common place. Currently it includes a large collection from the following sources:
      • White House
      • State Department
      • C.I.A.
      • Amnesty International
  • Occupied Cyprus
    • Dhavlos Page has been updated with pictures and more information in its new Greek section
  • Mirrored Pages
    • Embassy of Cyprus: Newsletter, May 1997 issue
    • The Cyprus Sports Page
      • Cyprus 1997 swimming schedule
      • Final Results: Football Championship and Cup competition

      Plus Interesting Information expanding on a daily basis.

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