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General Location of CYPRUS

A few things about the Geographic location of Cyprus: Cyprus is located at the eastern end of the Mediterranean sea and has always considered to be the South-Eastern boundary of Europe. It lies at the point of intersection of three continents - Europe, Asia, and Africa. Turkey (the barbaric invading military force) is located at the north of the island; Syria, Lebanon and Israel are in the East; Egypt is in the South; and Greece is West.

The unacceptable situation in Cyprus today!!!
37% of the island is under ILLEGAL Turkish military occupation,
3% is UN controlled buffer zone,
5% comprise two British/US sovereign bases.

Our village, Ayios Epiktitos, is inside the 37% of the land under illegal Turkish military occupation. It has been occupied since 1974 by Turkish military forces after we, the lawful inhabitants were forced out by the use of American-made NATO weapons.

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