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- Ayios Epiktitos, Troulli archaeological site 7000-3900B.C.

Archaeological Site "Ayios Epiktitos - Troulli", is located on a rocky cliff approximately 10 miles, east of Kyrenia and north-east of Ayios Epiktitos.

 It is located on a small conic hill by the sea on the top of which there is a big solid rock. The north side of the settlement leads into the sea. In the south side, and under the protection of the big solid rock, the ancient settlement of Troulli was found. The 1941 excavations by P. Dikeos brought to light houses of both Neolithic Periods (Neolithic I Age from 7,000-6,000 B.C./ Neolithic II Age from 4,600/4,500 - 4,000/3,900 B.C.).

Rocky tools, (axes, shevels, sinks, mills), stone blades, tools made out of bone, etc.  were found on the lower levels, near the natural rock, something that comprized the floors of the houses. All houses of the settlement were built with rocks and mud on the lower levels (foundations), and the walls from sea rocks and wood. Their shape was something between rectangular, and cyclical, or ellipsoid. As for the roofs, they were supported by numerous vertical sticks located inside the house.

The whole area of the site is inaccessible even to tourists because the area is used by the Turkish occupation army.

After Chirokitia ancient settlement in Larnaca, it is the most Ancient Archaeological Site ever found in Cyprus dated as far back as 7,000 years B.C.


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